Wedding Questions? We got answers!

Where are you based?
I live in northern Minnesota in Duluth!!

What’s included in ALL of your wedding packages?
✓ At least eight hours of wedding day coverage
✓ Personal online gallery for viewing and ordering
✓ Full resolution digital images with a print release
✓ At least $100 in prints
✓ Engagement session

Pictures are guaranteed to be uploaded to an online gallery within eight weeks of your wedding day. Most of the time, that happens much faster. We try to upload a sneak preview to the Derek Montgomery Photography Facebook page within a day or two of the wedding.

Yes! I arrive at each wedding with extra cameras, extra lenses, extra lighting equipment and lots of memory cards. The cameras we use to take your picture utilize two memory cards. Each picture is recorded onto two cards so if one card fails, we still have the other one. Regarding insurance, Derek Montgomery Photography is fully insured.

All packages include an engagement session.

Each wedding is different, but a good estimate is 50 images per hour. If your package includes a second photographer then that amount will change.

We edit all images that will be delivered to you. Editing includes exposure adjustment, color correction, sharpening, saturation and contrast adjustments among other things. Delivered images will be ready to print.

We have one package that includes a second photographer. Otherwise, a second photographer can be added for $650. The second photographer will be someone who is experienced, who I have worked with before, who knows how to shoot weddings and who can function efficiently and respectfully on a wedding day. They are people who I would totally feel comfortable with taking over as the main photographer if I were to be abducted by aliens mid-wedding day. Let’s hope that never happens–for the alien’s sake.

You do not need to meet with me in person although I’d like to at least have a phone, Skype or FaceTime conversation beforehand to make sure we are the right fit and I can answer any questions you might have about how I work. If you know you want to work with me, a completed contract and a $500 retainer payment is required to secure your date. Everything from the contract to paying the retainer and your wedding balance can be done online.

For most weddings in northern Minnesota, a travel fee won’t be required. That includes destinations like Lutsen, Giant’s Ridge, many places in the metro and along the north shore. However, if an overnight stay is required, there may be a travel fee.

For people booking full wedding packages, they will receive a code when their gallery is delivered that will be good for purchasing prints from their online gallery. Depending on the package, that code will be worth at least $100 and could be worth as much as $300 and offers a discount in those amounts at checkout.