Team & Individual FAQ

Five things to know for picture day.

Here are five things to know for parents and coaches that will help make picture day a success.

1. We try to photograph every athlete. No payment is required to have pictures taken. We typically photograph every athlete so we are covered in case, down the road, you decide you’d like to order pictures. We will never turn away anyone from getting their picture taken.

2. In order to identify your athlete by the correct name, we may ask a parent, coach or manager to help us record the players names as they get their picture taken. Someone who knows the athletes is a bonus and we will often ask that rosters be sent to us so we can be doubly sure on the spelling and identification.

3. If you do not know your PhotoDay access code, no worries. Just reach out to us and we’ll send that your way. As a reminder, all access codes should be texted to the number 90738.

4. We bring informational flyers to every picture day with specific information about your athlete’s pictures and how to view them the moment they are completed.

5. We will take buddy, sibling and parent/athlete pictures! Just let us know on picture day and we can fit them in when everyone is ready. There’s always time for a group photo of the family’s athletes.

That just means the photos are still being worked on. It also means that you will receive a text the moment the photos are published.

Gone are the days when paper order forms are lost or ruined. We are fully paperless with all photos available for purchase online. You should have received a gallery access code. If you have that, text it to the number 90738. Don’t have that access code? Email us and we’ll help you out.

Yes! Our new contactless ordering system has a number of benefits compared to the traditional method of paper order forms.  Those include seeing your pictures BEFORE you order, receiving them faster than in the past, picking the packages and the pictures you want and more for a more customized experience. 

I’m glad you asked. Yes we do. Just let us know on picture day and we can fit them in when they are ready. There’s always time for a group photo of the family’s athletes or friends.

All photos taken before August of 2020, can be found here: You will need a gallery access code for all galleries after August of 2020. If you have your access code, enter it here. Can’t find your access code? Give us a shout and we’ll help you out.

We have been fortunate to work with the Proctor, Portman, Woodland, Congdon and Glen Avon hockey clubs, Gitchi Gummi Soccer, Arrowhead Youth Soccer Association, the Duluth Icebreakers, Duluth East volleyball, Two Harbors boys, girls and youth basketball teams, the North Shore Wrestling Club, Lake Park and Eastern Little Leagues, the Lacrosse Chargers, East Youth Football and many others. I absolutely love getting to meet new players and coaches and would love an opportunity to work with new teams and clubs.

Most individual teams will see their pictures online within a week. Once you order, it will be around a week until your order arrives. We’ve seen orders arrive in as few as three days. For larger associations, the time until the gallery is posted may vary somewhat depending on season, the size and number of teams and other factors.

Maybe. Your athlete will have to find a time that will work with our schedule within a couple days of the original date as we do not want to delay publication of pictures for one person.

While we can do this, it will cost $15. Due to the complexity of the photoshop work involved and the volume of work we do, we typically have to send this to a third party so the final product doesn’t look like something fit for an awkward family photo website.

We will NOT accept submitted photos of athletes to photoshop into team photos. Any photos for work like this needs to be taken by us.