Vanessa + Eric / Duluth, MN Wedding Photography

Three things about this wedding…

  1. Vanessa and Eric are huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fans and that was a big part of their wedding day.  The music at the wedding was Chili Peppers, but set in a classical tone.  I see this done all the time to the tune of Coldplay and it was super cool to see it done to a different band and even better to one of my all-time favorites.
  2. There aren’t many venues that sit right on Lake Superior in Duluth.  Maybe three or four come to mind and the Lafayette Square Community Center halfway between the bridge and Sky Harbor Airport was a great alternative to some of the more well-known venues in town.  Seriously though, how can you go wrong when your reception is just feet from the sandy beaches of Lake Superior.  Love it.
  3. I will always be a sucker for weddings that take place in Leif Erickson Park.  It’s where I got married and in my opinion, it’s the best outdoor place for a wedding in Duluth.  So when Vanessa and Eric told me they were having a reception by the lake and their ceremony at Leif Erickson Park, I knew it was going to be an awesome day.

Congrats Vanessa and Eric!