State Hockey: Day Three

Friday at the Minnesota State Boys Hockey Tournament was filled with close games.  My day saw Warroad defeat St. Cloud Cathedral in a back and forth contest before finishing it off with Moorhead winning an ugly game against Cretin-Derham Hall.  It’s nice those two teams won because it keeps me shooting for the full day.  I’d post more serious game-action images, but while I’m on the loony and off-beat trend, I’ll post one more of those.

For the better part of two periods, this kid was doing everything he could to get on television and he picked a good spot to do that too.  Sitting just behind Moorhead head coach Dave Morinville, he had ample opportunity to do whatever he wanted and be seen across the state of Minnesota.  Looking up on the jumbotron in the Xcel Energy Center, which was playing the broadcast of the game you could see regular images of ones like this…



I’m going to try to get this kid’s name and find some other weird photographs.  The one difference between this photograph and the one from my previous post is that this one I worked during breaks and other stoppages in action because it was happening all the time.  The flipping-the-bird kid was just pure luck.  I didn’t see that at all until editing the images.

Now it’s off to the Warroad-Breck School Class A championship.