Rob and Jaime + 8

Last week, I rose at 5am to make it over to see Rob and Jaime Scott along with Jesse, Ty, Stevie, Shylo, Alicia, Nando, Gilbert and Ammon in Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood.  Rob and Jaime had adopted the eight siblings last year and the News Tribune was catching up on their story.  As is often the case with oddly times assignments, the newspaper dispatched me to take care of business.

The story of the eight kids arrival in Duluth and Rob and Jaime’s preparation for them was 75% faith and 25% luck.  They managed to get a home that would fit 10 people much cheaper than they hoped even if it was in rough condition when it was sold to them.  With six weeks before the kids were due to arrive and a year’s worth of work in front of them, they reached out to friends and family and in return an entire community responded.  Donations poured in.  Strangers stopped by to paint.  It was almost an extreme home makeover without Ty Pennington and all the cameras and with Rob and Jaime keeping the existing house.

A year later, the house still creaks and moans in some spots, but it is a world away from what it was when Rob and Jaime first stepped foot in it.  Most importantly, it has allowed the family of ten to live comfortably and was one less issue that the kids had to worry about when transitioning to a new life.

When visiting the family that morning, it looked like the 10 of them had lived together their entire lives.  It was an awesome thing to see.  For those who want to read more about this family, you can click here.  And here are some images so you can see a little bit of what I’m talking about…


Jaimi Scott (right, blue shirt) braids the hair of Alicia Milbridge-Scott (center), 6, while Stevie Milbridge-Scott (left, red shirt), 9, hands her a paper to sign early Friday morning before the start of school.


Rob Scott (center) looks over school papers belonging to Gilbert Milbridge-Scott (second from left) while Ty Milbridge-Scott and Nando Milbridge-Scott look around the room Friday morning at their home in Duluth.


Jesse Milbridge-Scott (left) eats breakfast next to his brother Ty Milbridge-Scott (right) in front of a wall with pictures of all their siblings Friday morning at their home in Duluth.


Rob Scott (right) holds Ty Milbridge-Scott while Gilbert Milbridge-Scott (left) gets his head and arms stuck while playing around with his football pads before the start of school Friday morning at their home in Duluth. In between the three is six-year old Alicia Milbridge-Scott.


Rob Scott (center) looks through some school papers belonging to 13-year old Jesse Milbridge-Scott (right) while three -year old Shylo Milbridge-Scott looks around the room Friday morning at their home in Duluth.


Jaime Scott (blue shirt) explains to six-year old Alicia Milbridge-Scott (right) that she cannot wear a bikini to school early Friday morning at their home in Duluth. Jaimi does so while holding 18-month old Ty Milbridge-Scott while nine-year old Stevie Milbridge-Scott (red shirt) and two-year old Shylo Milbridge-Scott (left, white shirt) wait to ask their mother more questions.


Full of energy at 6:22am, Nando Milbridge-Scott offered to breakdance for me in the middle of the dining room. The kid is a little Justin Timberlake and we should all be on the watch out for Nando in the future.