Rachel + Joe / Lutsen, MN Wedding Photography

A few things about this wedding.

  1. Rachel and Joe nailed it in the timing department.  Fall colors peaked at Lutsen during their wedding and the northern lights made a strong appearance.  Moose Mountain was awash in color unlike anything I had ever seen.  I spent some time before, after and even the morning before I started shooting their wedding taking some photos of the fall colors for an MPR photo gallery.  Everything fell into place for an ideal fall wedding.
  2. Ever since I started photographing brides and grooms under the night sky, I’ve wanted to to try it with the northern lights out.  This is challenging for a number of reasons.  It’s basically impossible to do this with any couples getting married in Duluth since we’d have to drive about 20 miles to get away from the city lights and I don’t think many people want to lose an hour with friends and family at the reception to do this.  At Lutsen, one of the darkest places in the US, it’s pretty easy.  You just need to walk about five minutes from the reception and you are in complete darkness.  The night of September 26th ended up being a particularly strong display of northern lights for this year so again, Rachel and Joe totally lucked out on the timing.
  3. The little ring bearer and his smile?  OMG.
  4. It helps a lot to have a really great second photographer working with you during the wedding day.  I was lucky to be able to have Michelle Sternberg work with me throughout the day so big thanks to Michelle for all the help!

Congrats Rachel and Joe!!