MOE-to shoot with Moe

In Duluth’s lakeside neighborhood is a boy named Jimmy and a dog named Moe. If you are ever around Lester Park in the late afternoon during the warmer months, you’ll probably run into these two at some point. Both are relatively smaller specimens for their respective species, but both pack a ton of heart! Ok, enough with the cheese.

This past Monday night I traveled to my friend Jimmy’s house with another friend, Mat, to take some photos of Moe the pug. This shoot had been in the works for a long time and we had a blast. Moe becomes the ideal photo subject when you wave a meaty treat in his face. I wonder if that works with people too? And you know what? Moe inflicted less damage to the white seamless backdrop than our friend/assistant Mat. Check out the infographic below to see the stark difference in damage distribution.

For now, enjoy the photos and do know that Moe is everyone’s bro.