Melody + Justin / White Fence Farm Wedding Photography

A few things about this wedding…

  1. This was my first destination wedding since late 2008 and it was absolutely beautiful on all fronts.  It was also my first trip to the heart of the Appalachians for any extended period of time.  Driving to the wedding location of White Fence Farm in Trade, Tenn. and also to Boone, NC where I stayed was a trip interrupted by near-fatal car wrecks as I found myself gawking at the hills and mountains that seemed to rise and fall with unending repetition.  Not only did the hills rise and fall into the distance, they were steep and towering.  It reminded me a little of the Mississippi River bluffs near La Crosse, which is close to where I grew up.  These were like those bluffs, but on steroids.
  2. Melody and Justin’s and their family and friends were so incredibly welcoming, nice and accommodating to me through my initial luggage issues and over my entire time there.  I couldn’t have felt more a part of the celebration from the beginning than if it were my own family.  Thank you for welcoming another Midwestern soul to your home.
  3. A couple things that should happen more often.  First, spiral seating.  With this type of seating, you literally pass right in front of every person who attends your ceremony.  It might take a little longer, but it’s more personal and gives your photographer more time to take pictures of you entering and departing the ceremony.  The second is dinosaur bone and meteorite wedding rings.  That’s what Justin’s band is made of.  Dinosaur bones pulled from the ground in Utah and a meteorite that fell from the sky.  Dinosaur bones, meteorites and spiral seating.  Hard to go wrong with that trifecta.
  4. There were holstein cows at White Fence Farm and cheese curds at the airport bar in Charlotte.  It was like I was back in western Wisconsin except with higher humidity, a lot more elevation, grits on every menu and freeways accompanied by hurricane evacuation signs.

I could go on and on about many of the observations from my four days in Tennessee and North Carolina, but that would bore you.  You’re here for the pictures so let’s get to those.  Congrats Melody and Justin!!