Mandy + Kevin / Madison, WI Wedding Photography

Mandy and Kevin’s wedding day featured about 19 less inches of rain than their engagement session.  It was sunny and warm, which matched Mandy’s unending optimism and enthusiasm for the day.  My wife sometimes assists me on weddings and she made a comment about how happy and nice Mandy was and how she seemed to be going out of her way to make sure everyone else was having a good time and was taken care of on a day when there are legions of people assigned to do that just for her.  That didn’t surprise me since that is the Mandy I’ve known since going to high school together in Sparta back in the day.

So ya, you can tell it was a pretty happy day.  Also, not sure one can top Bucky dancing Gangnam Style.  That one will stick with me for awhile.  Thank you Mandy and Kevin for letting me document your wedding day.  All the best to you both and congrats!!