Liz & Goldberg :: "Engagement Photography"

This blog post has been waiting in the wings for months.  I’ve been friends with Liz & Goldberg for a long time.  When I worked at the Badger Herald while at the University of Wisconsin, Liz often designed the pages where my photos were published.  My last semester at UW, when I studied abroad in Greece, Liz was in the same program so it was really fun to have someone along on the trip I knew.  And when I got back from Greece and didn’t have a job or a place to live for the summer, they let me sublet one of the rooms in their apartment on Mifflin Street.  In other words, we go way back and because of Liz, I’ve gotten to know Goldberg, who happens to share the same birthday as me.  Legends.

So when I said I was coming to Madison last August, they asked me if I wanted to take some engagement photos for them and I was like ok, sure, hell yes, why not!  Ideas for the shoot evolved from them wearing their high school letter jackets and beating each other up to simply standing in front of a backdrop of white seamless paper and beating each other up.  The white seamless came into play partly because we didn’t have to time to run all over campus and downtown Madison and because I had just started shooting some projects with white seamless and they said that would be really cool.

I figured we were golden until I arrived at my cousin’s house where the shoot was to take place.  I wasn’t sure we’d have enough space as you need about 10-12 feet to set up the lights and the seamless and make everything work.  I think we had something like 10.5 feet so while it was difficult, we made it work.  The most difficult part of the weekend wasn’t making the space work, but not going insane after getting stuck in my cousin’s bathroom for six hours with no towel after taking a shower.  With everyone in the house at work and my iPhone on the kitchen counter, the door knob fell out of the door. With only a paper clip and a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom, my options for getting out were reduced to breaking the door down and I did not feel up to doing that.

It’s a long-story, but needless to say, the shoot went off better than I could have hoped and Liz & Goldberg loved the photos.  You can see above that one of the tamer shots made it onto their save-the-dates.  I even managed to get one where they weren’t looking at each other awkwardly, beating themselves up, picking Tucker the dog over the other or threatening each other with dangerous household cooking utensils.  Enjoy.