Keely & Shane :: Iron River, WI Wedding Photography

This update is long overdue as it was one of the coolest weddings I photographed this year.  I met Keely and Shane through my fiance Kristin.  Keely played soccer with Kristin in college and they have stayed close after graduation.  Keely’s family owns a cabin near Iron River, Wisc. and it was the perfect spot for a wedding.  The cabin is less than 100 yards from the banks of the Brule River, which is a very popular river for fishing and canoeing.  Throughout the day when Keely and Shane were near the river, they would get congrats and yells from people paddling by.  I even got to get out on the Brule myself to get some shots of the wedding party in front of the boathouse which lines the shore.  I can definitely say that was the first time I had taken group shots at a wedding from a canoe.

Congrats to Keely and Shane and I hope we get to see you guys again soon!

The boat house on the left had some cool weathered wood on the outside.

On the cake and tables were orchids flown in from New Zealand. Beautiful touch, magnificent color.

Not only is my fiance an awesome, awesome person. She is also a pretty scary assistant too!