Katie + Karl :: Duluth, MN Engagement Photography

When I was working at the Duluth News Tribune, I had a photographic memory (bad pun, I know) for remembering names that appeared on rosters of all the different high school sports I covered. Covering these sports year-in and year-out, you end up seeing a lot of the same names over and over again. So when I received an email from Karl to meet with him and his fiance Katie, I knew there was something up with his name. It was bugging me and I had to find out why. Karl played football at Duluth East and was on some of their pretty good teams from a few years back–teams that we covered regularly and more than others since they made some deep pushes into the playoffs. Mystery solved.

So it was fun to be able to shoot Karl in a slightly different type of environment. I haven’t gone back and looked to see if I have any photos of Karl, but I do know I really had a great time with him and Katie and I’m pumped to be shooting their wedding in 2012. Best of luck over the next year to you two and see you guys soon!