Jessica + Dylan / Glensheen Mansion Wedding Photography

A few things about this wedding…

  1. What might be my favorite photo of this year was taken near the end of Jessica and Dylan’s wedding.  I was walking out to the car to get a light stand when I saw lightning illuminating the sky over Wisconsin every other second.  It was mesmerizing and I was immediately like I need to get a shot of Jessica and Dylan with that as the background.  Only problem was the first dance was about to begin and storms like this can lose their intensity rather quickly.  That is where big thanks to Pro Sound and Light for letting me take them away for 10 minutes so we could get this shot.  I think there was about five minutes of setup time, three minutes of shooting and then we had to be back for the dances.  And for a reason I can’t think of, I decided to throw my tripod in the car that morning and I’m really happy I did.
  2. Jessica and Dylan and their guests leveled the dance floor.  It started off with a serious dance-off between the ring bearer and Dylan that devolved into laughs and then the dance floor was packed the rest of the night.  High energy dance floors are my thing and this was right in my wheelhouse.
  3. Beach wedding at Glensheen.  More people should do this.  Besides the Park Point Beach House, there are really no commercial properties along the lake that you can have a ceremony and reception in Duluth.  Crazy I know.  That said, I love the weddings on the grand balcony near the fountain at Glensheen, but shooting a wedding near the lake on that property was something new for me and something I think should be done more and more.

Congrats Jessica and Dylan!