Jenny + Scott / Villa Bellezza Wedding Photographer

A few things about this wedding…

  1. Big thanks to Michelle Sternberg for helping me shoot this wedding!
  2. Villa Bellezza in Pepin, Wisc. is a gorgeous venue.  Combine it with a couple like Jenny and Scott who are the type of couple that when you put them closely together, smiles erupt from their faces.  That combination of awesome venue and smiling couple never fails.
  3. I love vineyards.
  4. As a veteran and former aerospace ground equipment technician in the U.S. Air Force, I am always partial to weddings with a bit of military flare to them.  This one fit the bill.  I learned for the first time about party shirts.  These are shirts that look completely normal when a service member or anyone for that matter are wearing their tuxes or suit jackets, but they are ridiculously flamboyant once the jacket is ditched.  The sleeves are all kinds of crazy and outrageous patterns.  The third photo below shows what I mean as Scott was rocking a U.S. Air Force themed party shirt.

Congrats Jenny and Scott!!