Jax + Evan

I’ve experienced more grown-up moments in the past year than I think in the previous 29 years of my life.  I married my best friend.  We had a kid.  I started eating multi-grain Cheerios.  Big things people.

Below is a little glimpse of what the last six months of my life have been like.  Jax turned six months old last week and Evan will soon be five.  Having these two around is like having a non-stop documentary project in front of your eyes.  It’s been amazing seeing them develop their own personalities and to see how they get along with each other.

These guys have been best friends from day one.

Kristin says Jax looks evil in this photo. I can see that.

First meal!

Photo by Kristin Montgomery

Jax man at Tyler and Becky Sullivan’s wedding!

Jax now has longer hair than his dad. Well, patches that are longer. Ugh.