Ice Cold Freakout!!

Just about every year since I started working at newspapers, I’ve photographed a polar bear plunge.  In Duluth, this takes on a different dynamic since the lake people are jumping into is Lake Superior and you could get the same reactions in August as you do the middle of February since the big lake is so cold!!  And it’s the reactions that are always one of the things you are looking for during these events because they are everywhere.

This year I was only shooting for  myself so I decided to focus in on the facial reactions and put together a graphic of all the crazy faces that erupted after a dip in the 30-some degree waters.  You get every kind of reaction from “what the hell was I thinking” to “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” to “suh.. suh… so… col-col-collllddddddd.”  It’s what I love from this event.

Lastly, I do know this is coming about 10 weeks too late, but since Duluth is forecast to get 2-4 inches of snow Friday, I figured now would be an appropriate time as any to make this post happen.