Here's to you Warroad

I once got a kid suspended from school for two days because I took a picture of him celebrating his team’s goal against their archrival.  Sounds innocent right?  Hold your horses.  It was the twice-a-season showdown between Duluth East and Cloquet and East had just scored and this kid was giving the Cloquet student section the bird.  It ran lead the next day on the sports cover of the Duluth News Tribune.  His hands were angled in a way and I was deadline so I was in a hurry that I did not see what he was doing.  It wasn’t until the next day when someone pointed it out that I noticed the friendly gesture.  My photo editor’s daughter attended Duluth East and confirmed his absence from school.

Today, a similar thing happened in the Class A state semifinal between Warroad and St. Cloud Cathedral.  It was a back and forth game until the third period when Warroad scored on an empty netter to clinch the 5-3 victory.  The fifth and final goal was celebrated against the boards in front of the St. Cloud Cathedral student section.

Note the kid in the basketball jersey.

Note the kid (center) in the basketball jersey.

Well then.

Warroad won the game 5-3 and will play in the Class A championship game tomorrow at noon.  St. Cloud, on the other hand, will play for third.  Check back here later in the week for some of my favorite images from the state hockey tournament.