Hawks, Hunters and those Friday Night Lights

It’s that time of year again… football season has arrived.  Well, more specifically the fall sports season is here.  It’s one of my favorite times of the year because football, soccer and soon hockey will all be starting their seasons.  It will be somewhat different for me this year as I won’t be shooting for the News Tribune.  I get to pick and choose which games I want to go too and I plan on hitting up a ton of soccer games, trying out some remote shots and just relaxing at these games, eat a few hot dogs, maybe a Gatorade here or there and shoot without reason.

Well tonight wasn’t like that.  The News Tribune needed someone to shoot a second game and with nothing to do, I took them up on their offer and found myself down at Hermantown chasing the pretty evening light.  I’m not really sure what all the people who hate on the 5D Mark 2’s autofocus are talking about, but the shots I got tonight using that camera were not only tack sharp, but had great color.  It was a fun first night to be out.  Hopefully one of these Fridays, I’ll make my way over to Public Schools Stadiums and have a few of their legendary (at least in my mind) hot dogs.


The Hermantown Hawks football team walks out to the field before the start of their game against Duluth Denfeld Friday evening in Hermantown.


Hermantown's Jeff Paczynski (right, 23) stiff arms Duluth Denfeld's Luke Jazdzewski (center, 12) on his way to a first down in the first quarter Friday evening in Hermantown. Also chasing down Royer is Denfeld's Alex Eskola (left, 45).


Hermantown's Marc Niemi (33) eludes a diving Luke Jazdzewski (left, 12) of Duluth Denfeld Friday evening in Hermantown.