From Elmo to Evan

After watching Elmo suffer a fiery demise, I went south to Minneapolis for a day to see my girlfriend Kristin’s 17-month old son Evan the day after he had heart surgery to repair three holes in his heart and a leaking mitral valve.

It’s pretty amazing to think that technology and healthcare have advanced to the point where a small child can go in for heart surgery Friday morning and leave the hospital four days later.  He’s expected to get discharged Tuesday morning.  Kristin’s class for her Series 7 exam lasted longer than Evan’s stay in the hospital.  An average work week lasts longer than his stay.  I’ve abstained from yogurt, pizza and jello for longer periods, which if you know me is no small task.

I decided to grab some quick snapshots because I’m sure he will want to know what he looked like after the surgery years later.  I was pretty nervous Thursday afternoon when Kristin left for Minneapolis because I could tell how distraught she was, but couldn’t he happier now that everything turned out so well and that he is coming home a lot sooner than anyone thought.

And now for the pictures…