First day of school… ever.

Monday was a special day in the Montgomery-Lammi household.  A few weeks ago, Evan was accepted into a special 33-month preschool program and Monday was his first day of school.  Having been out of school for four years now, I silently chuckled to myself that this guy has almost 20 more years of school ahead of him.  However, it was pretty cool to see him go from excited to fearful to excited all in the space of his first hour there.  I heard after we left there were some tears, but he was redirected pretty well and it was smooth sailing after that.  Now, he talks about school like he talks about Scooby Doo and he has nothing bad to say at all about Shaggy, Fred, Velma, Daphne and Scooby.

I've always loved that backpack.

Evan and Evan's tongue.

Insert cheesy comment about opening door of opportunity here.