Favorite Wedding + Engagement Images of 2018

Yeah, it’s almost May. Oh, most of the other photographers did their BEST OF posts back in January or even December before the freaking year even ended? Cool story, bro. Well maybe, I had things to do like … rewatch the first seven seasons of Game of Thrones or maybe redesign my website or play Red Dead Redemption 2. Good things come to those who wait, right? What about those who procrastinate?

Well, here it is. My FAVORITE wedding shots from 2018. Some of my best, not all of my best from last year, but these are the images I think about when I think about all the great couples who worked with me and who put up with me (heh heh) during 2018. I had so much fun traveling all over Minnesota for weddings last year. Thank you to all the couples who put their most important day in my hands and trusted me to document it.