Elmo's End

It’s been awhile and I’m sorry for not updating as much as I could have been, but I’ve been working a lot on Lastactionheroes.com, which is an action movie blog that myself and some friends are running.  We started it in college and recently resurrected it because two of us are unemployed, which means a ton of free time on our hands now.  Anyway, I encourage you to check it out if you have any questions about the state of the action genre.  Much more is coming to the blog as well so stay tuned.

Today I witnessed the unfortunate end of Elmo from Sesame Street.  He passed away in a trailer at the Lake Superior College fire training facility in Duluth.  He burned to a crisp in front of local politicians and members of the media and even a few firefighters who chose not to spray him down with the hoses they had on hand.  While I am lamenting his passing, he did not go down without contributing something in his last seconds.

Elmo was fuel for a fire started by Duluth firefighters during a day where they displayed what they do on the job to local politicians and members of the media.  I was shooting this assignment for the Duluth News Tribune and it ended up being a pretty cool day.  Started out watching firefighters work the ladders up close then moved to a trailer where they were teaching people how to search a structure for victims in total darkness.  After that it was time to see Elmo meet his maker during a session where firefighters showed how quickly fire and intense heat can spread throughout a structure.  After that it was off to the hazardous material cleanup for the last stop of the day.

I thought the Elmo photo was pretty funny.  I doubt they will use it on A1 because it has to run fairly big for the reader to grasp the entirety of what’s going on.  In any case, it was my favorite photo of the day.

Elmo goes down in flames.

Elmo goes down in flames.