Cassandra + Chase / Northern Minnesota Wedding Photographer

A couple things about Cassandra and Chase’s wedding…

  1. This was my second time at the Cavallin property for a wedding.  A couple years ago, I photographed Chase’ sister Jade get married.  It was great to be back working and celebrating with familiar faces.
  2. I’ve shot in a lot of fields before, but nothing seems to rival the field and light on the Cavallin property.  The golden hour is true to its word in almost every sense.  The field lights up and you almost want to stay out there for hours.  You’ll also have Sting’s “Fields of Gold” rush into your head.  Well, maybe not everyone, but it did for me.  Then that transitions to Puff Daddy’s tribute to the Biggie Smalls because I’m a 90s kid.  I’m way off topic.

Congrats Cassandra and Chase!!