Blast from the past…

Since I was let go from the Duluth News Tribune back at the beginning of March, I’ve had a lot of time to organize my archives, get my blog and website in gear, work on some of my own marketing materials and generally get things in order.  One of the things I’ve done in organizing and preparing photographs for my website is create galleries of my favorite sports images from 2007 and 2008.  In doing so, I am going to do a post today and next Friday that includes a gallery of each year’s favorite images.

Shooting sports was by far my favorite thing to do at the News Tribune.  I’d often get there as early as I could and stay as late as I could because good action can happen at any point in the game.  It was also fun eating all kinds of hot dogs, concession foods and it was literally reality entertainment at its best.  Screw Survivor and the Amazing Race (the latter is a great show though so no offense) but watching high school and college sports was the best entertainment I could ask for.  You have an idea in those reality television shows about what’s going to happen and you do to some degree when it comes to sports, but I’d take a soccer game at Public Schools Stadium in Duluth over Survivor anyday.

And here goes for my favorite sports images from 2007.  Enjoy!

Favorite Sports Images of 2007 – Images by Derek Montgomery