Becky + Tyler / Duluth, MN Wedding Photography

I’ve known Tyler and Becky for a few years now. Tyler plays on my softball team and both are die hard Sons of Anarchy Fans, which means we spend many Tuesday nights together wondering when Jax is finally going to off his dad and free Gemma and Maggie from Clay’s tyranny.  Enough with this talk of murder and mayhem, this is a blog post about a wedding, which should communicate happiness.  Well here we go.

Becky and Tyler were married at the Sacred Heart Music Center then followed it up with a reception at the Holiday Inn in downtown Duluth.  And let me tell ya something, Mat Gilderman assisted me during this wedding, did some second shooting and he did a great job.  It was an awesome day surrounded by many of my closest friends here in Duluth.  I’m so happy for these two and am looking forward to many more nights of SOA in the near future.  Congrats Becky and Tyler!!