A lot of what makes a good sports photograph comes from the athlete’s face.  You might have an awesome shot of a point guard flying through defenders, hands everywhere, player frozen in the air, but if the face is blocked, it more often than not ends up in the circular file.  The face is one of the first areas our eyes are drawn to in a photograph and it’s definitely what caught my eye here.

This is from the 2009 NCAA Cross Country Championships in Terre Haute, IN.  I’m just getting around to cleaning up my desktop of all the clutter and came across this shot again.  The moment I saw it, I thought of Beaker from the muppets.  This was at the end of the race so Wisconsin’s Craig Miller is probably as tired as much as Beaker is shy and tormented.  One thing that was not heard down the final stretch of course in Terre Haute was any “meep, meep, meep” and I can safely say Miller wasn’t electrocuted, set on fire or eaten by any large creatures like our favorite friend from the Muppets.

Just to clarify... that's Craig Miller of Wisconsin (left) and Beaker of the Muppets (right)