Ally + Darek / Bluefin Bay Wedding in a Blizzard

Where do I begin with this?  So much awesome and so many challenges, but definitely a wedding I will remember for a long time.  The entire week leading up to the wedding called for some snow.  Not a ton, but there was a chance we would see some accumulation on the wedding day.  That was perfect because Ally was really hoping for a wintery landscape for photos of her and her fiance Darek.

Well, they got what they wanted.  The forecast turned severe the day before with predictions of over a foot of snow and 40+ mph winds off the lake.  Both came true.  The ride up to Bluefin Bay was slow and slippery and second photographer Bryan Koop and I passed multiple cars in the ditch.  We made it on time, unloaded our gear at Surfside and got to work.

Bryan is smart.  He brought boots.  I am not as smart and I did not pack boots, but I had slippery black dress shoes, which is perfect footwear for traversing through 18-inch snowdrifts and navigating over glare ice.  Good job, Derek.

I was pretty worried as the blizzard conditions only intensified after we got there.  Winds were coming off the lake at well over 40mph and it was hard to stand still while being pelted with snow and ice.  I was wondering how we were going to get those wintery lake shots that Ally wanted.  We decided to use some pines as a wind barrier and were able to get some shots outside before the wedding.  Once the ceremony ended, we went back out to use the daylight we had left.  Our hope was that the storm would have weakened by then and to our luck, it did.  It was still snowing, winds were still strong, but probably half as strong as they were earlier in the day.

We made it down to the lake with Bryan, the wedding party and parents helping the entire time.  Whether it was tying Ally’s boots, shoveling a path, providing transportation, carrying jackets, the whole family and all the guests in attendance pitched in to make it work.  And huge props to Ally and Darek who both braved the deep snow and howling winds to make some memorable images.

And here are a few of the behind-the-scenes images from this snowy day.  Big thanks to Bryan and everyone else for helping make this work!