About Us

Below are photos, biographies and profiles of the individuals that make Derek Montgomery Photography the company it is today. Our talented employees work together across one office worldwide.

Derek Montgomery


As President and CEO of Derek Montgomery Photography, Derek Montgomery oversees all things related to Derek Montgomery Photography including producing photography and editing photos. He is chairman of the DMP Board and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Derek Montgomery

Chief Marketing Officer

In his role as Chief Marketing Officer of Derek Montgomery Photography, Derek Montgomery leads all marketing and social media campaigns for the company as well as the Wild Booth. You can find DMP on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .

Kristin Montgomery

Chief Financial Officer

Kristin Montgomery is Derek Montgomery Photography's senior vice president and chief financial officer reporting to Principal Bosswoman Quinn. As CFO, Kristin oversees the accounting, business support, financial planning and analysis and tax functions at DMP. She is also chief decision maker about whether Derek Montgomery will get that new camera and lens he REALLY REALLY REALLY needs.

Derek C. Montgomery

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Office at Derek Montgomery Photography, Derek Montgomery is Derek Montgomery Photography's chief technologist. Montgomery is focused on scientific and technological issues within Derek Montgomery Photography.

Derek Montgomery

Chief Operating Officer

Derek Montgomery is Derek Montgomery Photography's chief operating officer and oversees all of the company's business operations. Prior to Derek Montgomery Photography, Derek Montgomery worked at the Duluth News Tribune, the Badger Herald and Star Cinema.

Evan Lammi-Goorhouse

Old Soul of the Company

Despite only being 11 years old, Evan Lammi-Goorhouse is the old soul of the company. For some reason, he likes vegetables, coffee, salads, the TV show M.A.S.H. (not confirmed, but probably) and reading. When not being the Old Soul of the Company, Evan loves baseball and stopping pucks with his face for Portman Hockey.

Derek Montgomery

Founder and Chairman of the Board

In 2010, Derek Montgomery started Derek Montgomery Photography in a rented duplex in Duluth's Lakeside neighborhood. Since then, operations have expanded to consume the majority of a space shared between the company's President/CEO Derek Montgomery and his children's lego construction area.

Dr. Steve Brule


Dr. Steve Brule is host of Channel 5's "Check It Out" and his regular "For Your Health" segments keeps Derek Montgomery Photography employees educated on best health practices in today's world.

Derek montgomery

Lead Photographer

In his 16+ years as a photographer at Derek Montgomery Photography, Derek Montgomery has taken 99.999% of all pictures captured by Derek Montgomery Photography. If you ask President/CEO Derek Montgomery what makes Derek Montgomery keep going after all these years, he will tell you it's the people and that nothing compares to working in your sweatpants all day.

jax montgomery

Heir apparent or not

As the middle child, Jaxon Montgomery has expressed interest in becoming a photographer when he is older or "movie theater guy" after learning his dad Derek Montgomery Photography CEO/President Derek Montgomery was an usher at Star Cinema in high school and that meant free admission to movies and free popcorn. Jax plays baseball, hockey and soccer and occupies much of the CEO's time because the boy can't drive or make his own meals yet.

kristin Montgomery

Senior Vice President and Vice Bosswoman

Kristin Montgomery is responsible for professional development of lower level Derek Montgomery Photography executives and reports directly to Chief Bosswoman Quinn Montgomery. Until 2015, Kristin was Chief Bosswoman until Quinn Montgomery was brought into the company to take on that role. Now she works at the discretion of the Chief Bosswoman Quinn while also supporting the growth and adding to the bottom line of Derek Montgomery Photography.

quinn montgomery

Principal Bosswoman

Quinn Montgomery's meteoric ascent to the title of Principal Bosswoman was made known from her earliest days in the company. Since 2015, Quinn oversees the "Time Suck" department, which consists of Old Soul of the Company Evan Lammi-Goorhouse and Heir Apparent or Not Jax Montgomery. Her leadership will not be questioned.

Derek montgomery

Chief Entertainment Officer (CEnO)

As Chief Entertainment Officer of Derek Montgomery Photography, Derek Montgomery directs trips to the movie theaters, vacations featuring water parks and sporting events and hikes along Minnesota's north shore. Science Fiction, the Milwaukee Brewers, Wisconsin Badgers, Green Bay Packers, Gooseberry Falls State Park and the Oberg Mountain Loop are among Derek Montgomery's favorite entertainment.

DC Montgomery


As webmaster for Derek Montgomery Photography, DC Montgomery maintains and updates derekmontgomery.com and wildbooth.com. When not screaming at PHP files, DC is working to publish the next great blog post on the Derek Montgomery Photography blog.

Derek Montgomery

Quality Control

Derek Montgomery is responsible for turning the quality food acquisitions by CFO Kristin Montgomery into delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners while also planning where CEO/President Derek Montgomery and family will be eating during that trip they are taking 11 months from now because we need to plan for that NOW.

Derek Montgomery

Brand Ambassador

As Brand Ambassador of Derek Montgomery Photography, Derek Montgomery leads community initiatives and introduces Derek Montgomery Photography and President/CEO Derek Montgomery to the community. Often found leading volunteer efforts in which Derek Montgomery Photography is a sponsor, Derek Montgomery looks forward to speaking with you about Derek Montgomery Photography.