2013 Year in Review / Weddings + Engagements

This was an incredible year.  First, it really is an honor to be chosen as the person to document and record images that people will hold closely for a lifetime.  It’s my goal at each wedding to accomplish this in a classic, creative and timeless way.  That’s why you don’t see crazy filters that will be dated in a few years.  I hope that the images I produce are true to the moment and will immediately bring back the sights, sounds, smells and atmosphere of what is arguably the most important day in many people’s lives.  So to be that person who spends an entire day with people on the most important day of their life?  Wow.  It’s nerve-wracking and a rush and I love it every time.

The pictures below aren’t necessarily my best work of the past year, but they are the images that most often come to mind when I think about the past year. Here are some highlights from 2013…

  • I did not rip a single pair of pants at a wedding
  • If you want to have your wedding ceremony in the middle of a corn field and perched near the edge of a bluff, you go right ahead.  Thank you Robin and Josh.
  • I shot back-to-back weddings in Madison, Wisc.  It’s one of my favorite cities on the planet.
  • I fried a camera during a massive downpour at Spirit Mountain, but the last image I shot before the camera went dead was one of my favorite shots of the year.
  • Did I mention that I didn’t rip any pants at any wedding this year?
  • Wendy and Ryan introduced me to the Houghton Falls Nature Preserve.  Everyone needs to go to the Houghton Falls Nature Preserve.  Now.
  • You can take beautiful photos when it’s 12 below zero and you can find people willing to stand outside in that weather in just a tux and heavy gown.
  • I skipped the cake/dessert at all but two weddings.  Best cupcakes (I tried only one) goes to Chris and Amy Chaffee.  Fast claps!
  • Incredible skies.  Amazing light.  Dance floor commanders.  Drenched bridesmaids.  Badass groomsmen.  Marines.  Tears of joy.  Party-rockin’ dads.

I love my job.